Episode 6: Written Agreements

When starting a business, the rosy feelings of a handshake deal or oral agreement can make a written contract seem unnecessary and restrictive. In this podcast, Peter and Alexander discuss the importance of memorializing handshake deals in written agreements despite this upfront inconvenience. Whether you’re entering into a new business as a partnership or as an LLC, providing services to clients through an existing entity, or developing unique ideas that will help your business grow, a written agreement will play a key role in protecting partners from liability, defining expectations between parties, and securing a company’s intellectual property rights to intangible assets.

What are the benefits of having a contract or written agreement? Are the terms of a handshake deal enforceable? Who owns the work product if there is no written agreement? Are contracts off the internet from websites like LegalZoom a safe way of obtaining a written agreement for your business? Peter and Alexander outline the answers to these questions and more in today’s podcast.

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