Episode 18: Online Services

This podcast looks at legal documents that people encounter every day but likely never read: online services agreements. When you engage with a website, it often prompts you to agree to its terms of service and privacy policies. While the terms of service agreement defines an online provider’s relationship to the customer, the privacy policy defines the online provider’s relationship to the customer’s data. If you’re downloading a software, an online services agreement can additionally include an end-user licensing agreement, or EULA for short, which outlines terms specific to software use. These documents work in conjunction to create an agreement between the user and the online service provider so that both parties are protected while a website or software is in use. Peter and Alexander discuss the specific purposes of each of these documents and what they might include.

What kind of websites need terms of service? What is an online provider allowed to do with user content? Can minors agree to terms of service even though they’re underage? Is an online provider liable for copyright infringement if a user uploads Game of Thrones to their website? What happens if a provider changes their online services agreements? If agreeing to online service terms is often just clicking a box, how can an online service provider demonstrate that a customer has agreed to their terms? Listen now to find out.

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