Episode 15: Attorneys’ Fees

This podcast centers on a topic that may seem taboo when starting a relationship with your lawyer: fees. From flat fees to billable hours to contingency fees, attorney costs come in many different forms, and often aren’t cheap. Because the cost of legal services can be expensive, it’s important to understand the various ways that lawyers can charge you for legal advice so you can ask the right questions when determining whether a specific firm or attorney is right for you.

What’s a retainer? How does a flat fee work and when do attorneys use them? Can using an associate lower costs? What are the pros and cons of using 15-minute billing instead of 6-minute billing? What’s a contingency fee? If your business still must grow in order to afford attorney fees, will lawyers accept deferred payments? If you’re wondering what legal fee structures can look like and how to ask your attorney about them, this podcast can help.

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