Episode 13: Licensing for Licensors

Today’s podcast covers negotiating the perimeters of a licensing agreement from the perspective of a licensor. Allowing businesses and entities to use materials that you’ve created or own can generate new value, opportunity, and exposure for you as an entrepreneur. What risks are there when you enter an agreement with a licensee for trademarks, software, or patents?

Alexander and Peter talk about scenarios that might be unfavorable for the licensor, such as using materials in a way you don’t want them to be used, as well as scenarios that might complicate the agreement, such as an improvement to the original licensed product and derivative works. They discuss what content you may want to add to your licensing agreement to cover edge scenarios that commonly plague deals down the line.

What should licensors bring when they go see an attorney? How can you prevent the licensee from using materials in a way that wasn’t approved? What if the licensee stops using my materials but they have the exclusive right to use them? This podcast tackles these and more important questions for licensors.

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