Episode 1: Types of Business Entities

You’re starting a business, but what form your business should take? A Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)? A Corporation? A Partnership? In this episode, Alexander and Peter walk you through business types and entity forms.

Join us for a discussion of how your entity or business gives you limited liability for the risks you take on, the differences between various corporate structures, the pros and cons of each, and the criteria for determining which structure your business should use. We’ll also cover each entity types’ governing documents—the LLC’s Operating Agreement and the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws—as well as their basic tax structures.

What entity type or business form should you choose? Am I protected by my business from liability? Are LegalZoom and other online services a wise choice for corporate formation? Where should I form my company? Is Delaware really the best? Listen now for answers to these questions and more in today’s podcast.

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