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Starting a new business or nonprofit is daunting. There are many decisions to make, processes to follow, and laws to follow. You will need to decide the type of entity, the state for formation, the required licenses, and know what order to do them all in. Addressing these legal questions requires proactive planning, expertise, and diligence to establish a strong legal foundation for the entity’s success.

Entity Choice

Each entity structure has its own set of pros and cons which depend on your goals and circumstances. The Apex Law Group can explain the differences, pros and cons, and costs for each entity structure. We help you choose if an LLC, corporation, social purpose corporation, Delaware B corporation, or nonprofit is the right fit. 

Founder’s Ownership and Roles

Once you have your entity type, the next step is to establish ownership and governance roles. Does everyone own their equity from day one? Or do they vest? What if you are planning to have more owners in the future? What is everyone’s role and title? We are able to help you structure your ownership and roles with your goals in mind and make sure the proper documents are in place to protect your entity as it grows.


Money and assets, often called capital, help a business run. There are a variety of ways to raise capital and it depends on your entity. Some examples of funding strategies include:


For Profit


  • Capital Contributions
  • Personal Loans
  • Additional Equity
  • Capital or Securities Raises
  • Monetary donations
  • Property donations
  • Intellectual Property donations
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Unrelated business income
  • Loans

Each option has its own pros and cons that depend on your goals. You should approach raising capital for your entity thoughtfully and with intent. In the corporate world, there’s a saying – “you can’t fire the money” – so make sure you manage how the money comes in and under what terms. 

Whether you are starting a for-profit or nonprofit entity, you bring specialized knowledge and experience to the table. We understand this and see ourselves as a resource to support you and want your legal strategies to align with your objectives. Apex fosters a collaborative relationship where legal actively contributes to your goals.

If you would like to engage with us for any of the above services, or have a legal issue that we may be able to assist you with, please reach out to us using the contact link at the top of the page, or email us at: 

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