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Business Start Up & Formation: It’s no secret that starting a business can be a very stressful event, trying to make sure that you get yourself off on the right foot. There’s finances, management, it security consulting, and so many other things to think about. There are things that need to be budgeted for, there needs to be a solid plan on expenses and income and the balance between the both. There are also many tools that can be used, you can find the 10 best PEO in California for an example of one of these. And, both serial and first-time entrepreneurs want to focus on their actual business instead of filling out paperwork. Entrepreneurs also know how important it can be to start a business on solid legal footing. Apex’s flat rate formations allow entrepreneurs to know that their paperwork will be done correctly for a known cost. Startup budgets should be invested wisely, and Apex’s flat rates let you do this. Apex’s flat rates cover what you need to correctly form a business.

Contact us to discuss our flat rates for business startup services:

  • WA Corporation flat rate
  • DE Corporation flat rate
  • Social Purpose Corporation or B Corp flat rate
  • WA LLC flat rate
  • DE LLC flat rate
  • WA Nonprofit flat rate
  • Registered Agent Services flat rate
  • Foreign Registrations
  • Business licensing

Founders & Employees: The best entrepreneurs know that a business’s greatest asset is its people. Founders and early employees invest a lot into getting the business off the ground and should be treated as key business assets. Founders want their early employees invested and incentivized in the business’s success. This is where Apex’s equity programs can be leveraged to incentivize all founders and early employees to be on board for the business’s growth.

Our Seattle business lawyers help startups draft the following documents:

  • Founder’s stock issuance – Avoid legal problems down the line by correctly issuing stock to founders.
  • Shareholders’ Agreement – Protect your shareholders by defining your shareholders’ rights and obligations.
  • Vesting or Restricted Stock Agreement – Protect your business’s ownership by vesting or spreading out the rate a shareholder earns their ownership.
  • Employee Stock Option Plans – Give employees the right to buy some of the business’s shares at a fixed price within a set period.
  • Employment Agreements – Define an employee’s roles, rights, and responsibilities upon hiring and protect the business’s confidential information with employee agreements.

Investors & Fund Raising: Founders raising capital should properly secure and document early funding or face strict regulatory penalties, later funding issues, or worse. Whether called an “A-round,” “Seed-stage,” or a “Friends and Family Round,” Apex assists both investors and companies in early-stage, private funding.

  • Due Diligence – Investigate, audit, or review a business’s records before participating in raising capital.
  • Term Sheets – Outline the basic terms and conditions of an investment.
  • Investor Agreements – Make investment deals attractive by clearly outlining investor’s rights, including the right of first refusal, tag along or drag along rights, and pre-emptive rights.
  • Investor Questionnaires – Protect your business’s future by examining an investor’s knowledge on business and financial matters and determining the investor’s ability to bear economic risks.
  • SEC & Bluesky Filings – Adhere to federal and state security laws by filing correct financial documents for your business.
  • Financing Rounds – If you’re raising capital by negotiating convertible notes, our startup financing attorneys in Seattle can help you understand your options.
  • Convertible Note Rounds – Entice early investors to securely loan your business money until becoming an owner through equity.
  • Stock Issuances – Correctly offer equity in a business in exchange for money through stock issuances.

The business startup and formation process are some of the most exciting processes of business ownership, but it’s also filled with tasks and documents that are better off overseen by a legal expert. Consult with Apex’s startup lawyers today.

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