Social Entrepreneurship Articles and an Event for the Week of Sept. 9, 2012


I’ve recently come across a couple of interesting articles that I felt were worth sharing with the community.  Also, there’s an event on the SPC this week that some of you may consider attending:

1. The Truth about Ben and Jerry’s

Widely used as the impetus for the benefit corporation, there was more going on with respect to the sale of Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream to Unilever than most know.  The question is: how much was corporate law to blame for the selling (out) of that socially driven and highly successful business?   This article from the Stanford Social Innovation Review provides some additional insight into a story that has become canonical to those who advocate for new “social” corporate business structures.


2. Commentary: Putting Good to Work

Brian Howe of Vox Legal (and “of counsel” here at Apex Law), introduces the Social Purpose Corporation   through Seattle Business Magazine.  Brian does a fantastic job explaining the legislative history of Washington’s social impact company.


3. Events this week on the SPC; Meeting at the KCBA small and solo section

Also, for those of you who are practicing attorneys, I will be speaking at the KCBA small and solo section meeting this Wednesday at noon about the SPC and about corporate structure for a small or solo attorney.  If you aren’t a member (but should be because you practice in a firm of 5 or less), this is a fantastic section of the bar because engagement is high and members are active.  Also, this section’s monthly meetings typically consist of free 1 credit CLE’s on interesting information.  See my post on district court that spun-off from such a meeting: “Tastes Great . . . Less Filing” for an example of the great practicing tips and insights this section has to offer.


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