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Plenty of business owners aren’t simply in it for the profit. Instead, they want to have social impact, too. These social enterprises combine the goals of nonprofit organizations with a for-profit business model. Social enterprises like these want to create a sustainable business model while donating to and furthering the causes they believe in. However, the nature of social enterprises also means that they face unique legal challenges.

As a socially aware firm, Apex understands the value and purpose of social enterprises. This is why our Seattle law firm offers legal services and counsel to entrepreneurs who want to boost their profit while also maximizing their positive impact on the world.

Our experienced attorneys provide legal services for the following types of social enterprises:

  • Social Purpose Corporations

Social Purpose Corporations or SPCs are a type of business in Washington that is a hybrid of a traditional for-profit company with the social mission like a nonprofit organization. SPCs can pursue both financial and social goals by operating in a way that promotes the positive short- and long-term effects of their business’s activities, which opens the door for management to consider social purposes (like stakeholders or the environment) in addition to the bottom line.   

  • B Lab Certification

B Lab is a nonprofit organization that certifies companies as B Corporations based on how the companies create value for their employees, the local community, and the environment. This means that, unlike traditional businesses, Certified B Corporations look at the triple bottom line—profit, people, and planet—to gauge a company’s success. To be certified, the company must complete legal requirements and reach a certain threshold that proves their commitment to the triple bottom line

We also provide legal counsel for the following social enterprise needs:

  • Compliance
  • Internal Mission Driven Programs

A Law Firm That Supports Your Success

Don’t face the unique challenges of being a social enterprise owner alone. Let Apex’s attorneys provide the legal counsel you need. Call us today for a free consultation and start making a difference in the world.

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