Social Enterprise Lawyers in Seattle

Many entrepreneurs start companies for something more than profit. And many nonprofit organizations understand the power of business as a tool to leverage impact and more efficiently pursue their mission. We are legal counsel to those seeking to combine mission and business, or nonprofit and for-profit ideals, to create a social enterprise. Specifically, we have deep experience in the following service areas: 

Social Purpose Corporations 

Since the statute went into effect in 2012, The Apex Law Group has helped many clients form and operate social purpose corporations (or SPCs). An SPC is a for-profit, tax-paying corporation, but the law permits SPC management to pursue social goals in addition to the bottom line. Indeed many of our SPC clients pursue a mission of people, planet, and profit, or a “triple bottom-line.” We have experience providing advice and counsel to SPC clients in a wide-range of industries. 

B-Corp Certification

In addition to helping with corporate structure, Apex Law provides advice and counsel to those seeking B-Corp certification from the fine folks over at B-labs. Often overlapping with our expertise to form and advise social purpose corporations, we help clients establish the legal structure for this certification.  

Nonprofit Organizations using For-Profit Subsidiaries 

Nonprofit organizations, even 501(c)(3) public charities, may engage in commercial activities, but it comes with regulatory and legal risk. Often, using a for-profit corporate structure as a subsidiary to engage in certain commercial activities is a good solution. A great historical example of this structure is how the Mozilla Foundation created a for-profit subsidiary to house and operate Firefox. At our own firm, we have seen this structure get put to excellent use with real property, undertaking particularly risky business activities, or spinning out technology for investment and commercialization. At the Apex Law Group, because we are well-versed in both the realm of for-profit corporate law and nonprofit and tax-exempt law, we have a strong expertise at the intersection between these legal areas. 

The attorneys at The Apex Law Group are passionate about social enterprise. We love to work with entrepreneurs trying to make a difference in their communities and the world. If you would like to engage with the Apex Law Group for any of the above services, please reach out to us using the contact link at the top of the page, or email us at:

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