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Interesting article today on about Apex Law client and what they have been up to for the past year.   Today marks’s launch date as services are now available.  Here’s a piece of the article illuminating the business model:


Using proprietary audio and video fingerprinting technology, the company extracts product advertisements, movie trailers, and other show promos, and then catalogs them by product and brand. Once a commercial is in its database, it then tracks that ad whenever it appears on a number of broadcast and cable networks. As a result, it has a huge library of content already: The startup claims to have tracked down more than 13,200 commercials that have been aired more than 1.8 million times.

While offering up a repository of ads could be valuable to consumers, the bigger picture here is’s hopes to provide data around those ads. It’s looking to partner with brands and agencies to get more relevant metadata around the ads that it scrapes, while also keeping track of when they appear to help measure effectiveness.


Check it out:

Congrats to on today’s launch.





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