Business Attorneys with Flat Rate Fees

Budgeting is a key concern for many start-ups and costs can be difficult to predict and easily miscalculated. No matter what type of entity you choose to form, there are consecutive steps that should be followed during formation and fees involved in every step of the way. If you choose to do all these without an attorney, the fees, together with your time and effort, can drain your resources.

Apex has established flat rates to help avoid unknown legal costs. Apex offers predictability and planning by offering flat rates that help entrepreneurs establish their business for a known cost. With these services in place, you only need to pay our Seattle business attorneys a flat rate and they will do the work of forming your startup. Our services include the process of setting up your business, as well as any business formation-related legal advice you may need.

Our flat rate services include the following:

  • Washington Corporation formation
  • Washington Social Purpose Corporation formation
  • Delaware Corporation formation
  • Washington LLC formation
  • Washington Nonprofit Corporation formation
  • 1023-EZ application for 501(c)3 status
  • Annual Registered Agent Services

The flat rate payment structure for our legal services helps you avoid what could be thousands of dollars in hourly fees. What’s more, our flat rates help you control your budget for setting up your business.

Don’t waste your resources on hefty legal fees. Choose Apex and our flat rates for business formation and services today.

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