Social Purpose Corporation

In the past, I’ve explained the difference between being B-Corp certified and forming a business entity like a benefit corporation or, in Washington State, a Social Purpose Corporation (“SPC”). An SPC is a specific type of Washington corporation that permits management (officers and directors) to consider social purposes in addition to their financial bottom line. A B-Corp certification is a rigorous third-party certification offered by B-Lab and earned by those entities (whether corporations, LLCs, or nonprofit corporations) that live up to triple-bottom line metrics under the B-Lab Impact Assessment. But what about the similarities? And perhaps more importantly, how......


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August 9, 2013

The Health of Hybrid Entities: How many benefit corporations and social purpose corporations are out there? A comparison and data analysis on the SPC’s relative success.

Last month, over at SocentLaw, I came across an interesting blog post by Haskell Murray explaining a collaborative attempt to quantify how many benefit corporations exist across the US. The...

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