Flexible Purpose Corporation

There is lots of movement in the social impact investment space lately it seems.  Yesterday on Businessweek.com there was an interesting piece on Patagonia, California’s first Benefit Corporation, and its announcement of the creation of an in house venture fund aimed at startups looking to make a positive social impact in these distinct areas:  clothing, food, water, energy, and waste. Patagonia has always been a leader in the impact space and with the creation of this new fund, “$20 Million & Change,” it takes another important step in driving social impact in the start up and venture capital worlds.......


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April 2, 2012

Benefit Enforcement Proceedings for the Benefit Corporation– What are they and How will they work?

As more and more states enact legislation authorizing Benefit Corporations, more questions will be asked about the form and function of these hybrid entities.  Nowhere are these questions more evident...

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