Dispute Resolution

Last month, over at SocentLaw, I came across an interesting blog post by Haskell Murray explaining a collaborative attempt to quantify how many benefit corporations exist across the US. The post is quick to admit that the numbers cannot be completely trusted because the relevant state agencies (usually the secretary of state) don’t necessarily have good data on the number of benefit corporations in their states.  Benefit Corporations are typically lumped in with traditional corporations, so separating the data can be difficult. Nonetheless (and with numbers that are about 1 month old), Mr. Murray’s post explains that there appear......


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April 2, 2012

Benefit Enforcement Proceedings for the Benefit Corporation– What are they and How will they work?

As more and more states enact legislation authorizing Benefit Corporations, more questions will be asked about the form and function of these hybrid entities.  Nowhere are these questions more evident...