The Apex Law Podcast

Episode 3: Trademarks

Peter and Alexander delve into the intellectual property side of corporate governance with a discussion of trademarks. What is a trademark? How do I get one? What can and can’t be a mark?  They explain what it means to have “the exclusive right to use a particular identifier,” why your business might want that exclusive …

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Episode 2: Social Purpose Entities

Want to start a business that makes a profit and gives back? In this episode, Peter and Alexander explain social purpose entities, why you should consider being one, and how you can start your own. Peter, with an extensive history of working with social purpose entities, and Alexander, a seasoned corporate attorney, provide insight into …

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Episode 1: Types of Business Entities

You’re starting a business, but what form your business should take? A Limited Liability Company (“LLC”)? A Corporation? A Partnership? In this episode, Alexander and Peter walk you through business types and entity forms. Join us for a discussion of how your entity or business gives you limited liability for the risks you take on, …

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