Business Transaction Lawyers in Seattle

Business Contracts: Entrepreneurs maintain a lot of relationships– vendor contracts, customer contracts, employment contracts, and more. With so many relationships to juggle having written agreements in place is absolutely vital for all parties involved to understand and remember their obligations and expectations in a relationship. Disputes are often a misunderstanding of expectations or deliverables and avoidable if those expectations or deliverables were written down. Apex Law Group supports these business relationships by drafting readable contracts that accurately reflect the parties’ understanding of the deal.

Whether you’re hiring a new employee or buying a new business, our Seattle lawyers can work on your contracts. Some of the documents we work on are:

  • Vendor contracts – Clearly set expectations and conditions with vendors and contractors for services.
  • Customer contracts – Establish a record between you and your customers, including terms that protect your right to be paid.
  • Employee contracts – Set the terms of employment, including their salaries, benefits, and job orders, and clearly define the rules for termination.
  • Independent Contractor Agreements – Define the terms of an independent contractor’s working arrangement, including the length of their service, income details, and expected output.
  • Promissory Notes – Secure the validity and outline the terms of financial agreements, such as business loans.
  • Buy-Sell Agreements – Agree upon rules for conducting business following a unexpected incapacitation or death.
  • Basic review of contracts – Ensure that all your legally binding documents are correct and reflect your best interests by having your contracts undergo a professional review.

Buying and Selling a Business: Buying or selling a business can be a stressful event. As the seller, you are transferring your business and all the hard work you have invested to another person. As the buyer, you are likely making one of the largest investments of your life. Both sellers and buyers need counsel that respects your position in a sale.  Each position has different legal needs. Apex works with both buyers and sellers to understand the purchase and sale process and the legal documents involved.

Before buying or selling a business, consult with our Seattle lawyers. Our business attorneys help with the following:

  • Purchase and Sale structuring – Outline to your advantage the terms, including non-compete agreements, financing, and buyer’s down payment, to ensure a smooth transfer of business ownership.
  • Letters of Intent – Establish the mutual intention and the high-level details for a business venture.
  • Memorandum of Understanding – Summarize the terms and details of a mutual agreement, including each party’s responsibilities.
  • Asset purchase and sale agreements – Finalize the terms and conditions that both parties agree on in relation to the purchase or sale of a business and its assets.
  • Equity purchase and sale agreements – Establish the transaction details and ownership transfer of the business.
  • Merger Agreements – Collaborate on due diligence, the financial terms, and other provisions of the transaction to combine two businesses into one.

A good businessperson knows it’s crucial to have a lawyer before entering any business transaction. Let Apex Law Group represent your best interests. Give us a call today.

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