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Differences in OMWBE Certifications [Updated]

Overview Apex has blogged about the underutilized Washington Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (“OMWBE”) certification. The Secretary of State created the OMWBE Office in 2000. The OMWBE assists minority/women owned businesses to apply for enterprise certifications for the purpose of obtaining contracts with local governments. The OWMBE Office grants federal and state certifications …

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Receivership Under RCW 7.60: An Alternative to Bankruptcy

Overview A receivership is the appointment of a disinterested person or organization (a receiver), by a court or by a corporation or a person, for the protection or collection of property that is the subject of creditors’ claims. Receiverships exist at both the state level, through RCW 7.60, and the federal level, through Rule 66 …

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SCOTUS Ruling on Donor Disclosures Sets off Wave of New State Legislation

Overview 501(c)(3) charities are facing relaxed regulations in what they must disclose in tax filings to the IRS. Currently, pursuant to 26 U.S.C. § 6033, a 501(c)(3) organization must annually disclose to the IRS on Form’s 990 Schedule B the total amount of contributions and gifts received by it during the year and the names …

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Compliance for Remote Employees

Of the many things Covid-19 can be said to have forced us to change in our daily lives, how and where we work is one of them. For employers, the ongoing pandemic has seen an increase in leveraging remote employees. This has meant they have needed to Learn More about using a SIP line for …

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Third Time is the Charm

Once again, Washington state lawmakers are contemplating the passing of the Washington Privacy Act (“WPA”). The WPA, in its changing forms, has been on the docket for a vote two years running now. The 2019 version died in the House of Representatives, and the 2020 version, which garnered more support, failed to pass a vote …

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