Rylan Dunn

Practice Areas

  • Flat Rate Fees
  • Agency Filings
  • Administrative Support

About Me

Through my studies, I’ve been fascinated with both the law and how it can be applied to helping people on an individual level. Working at Apex has shown me that every single person’s needs and goals matter when establishing or solidifying a business.

As a recent undergraduate looking to enter law school soon, I decided that I wanted to work for an organization that would allow me to learn the application of the law and has a mission that matches my personal preference of treating everyone with the same respect. Apex not only guarantees that to their staff members but prioritizes that mission for their clients as well. With the desire to pursue a career in law, I wish to provide the best possible service that I can to the clientele at Apex and exceed their standards.

I am someone that loves to be active and stay in shape. I routinely find ways to exercise from going to the gym or playing pickup basketball games with others. I also love movies, and have been a fan of any genre spanning from today, all the way back to the 70s (Favorites: Indiana Jones Trilogy, Jaws, Marvel Franchise).

  • Seattle University, B.A. in Criminal Justice, cum laude, 2022
  • Lead Annual Report Project, 2022
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