Meet Our Team

Apex Law is thoroughly versed in local industries of the Pacific Northwest as well as the legal issues that face our clients on a regional, national and international level.

We are experienced and practical business lawyers who assist in a company’s growth and solve problems for people involved with them. We work for executives and shareholders, as well as for-profit and non-profit, emerging, established and family businesses.

Our goal is to help clients meet the challenges of business growth and management by maintaining strong specialty practices in areas such as corporate law, securities, intellectual property, social entrepreneurship and dispute resolution.

As trusted allies in business, our attorneys are creative and results-oriented who call upon their great industry knowledge to constantly look for ways to protect and improve their clients’ businesses.

Apex Law is committed to the same goals of sustainability and corporate responsibility that we counsel many of our clients on. Accordingly, Apex Law operates by creating as little waste as possible. We implement paperless billing practices whenever possible, as well as paperless faxes, court filings, and other forms of communications.