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Apex is a boutique firm located in the cultural heart of Seattle. For ten years we have assisted local entrepreneurs and individuals with building, maintaining, and guiding their for-profit and nonprofit businesses from formation to success.

Our local team of attorneys means we are transparent about costs and timelines, accessible for any questions or communication, and personable to each individual we interact with.

Our goal is to offer premium legal services without the overhead of a large firm. Apex understands building a business or organization can be uncertain, challenging, and bureaucratic, but with Apex, building a business or organization does not have to be difficult or intimidating. If you have an idea you want to make happen, Apex Law is here to make it happen.

Apex Law is committed to the same goals of sustainability and corporate responsibility that we counsel many of our clients on. Accordingly, Apex Law operates by creating as little waste as possible. We implement paperless billing practices whenever possible, as well as paperless faxes, court filings, and other forms of communications.

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