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Apex Law Group is thoroughly versed in local industries of the Pacific Northwest as well as the legal issues that face our clients on a regional, national and international level.

Why Apex Law Group?

Leading the way for the Social Entrepreneur

Tailored Services

Our legal services are tailored for your unique circumstances. Your business isn’t a template, so your legal services shouldn’t be either.

Well-Rounded Attorneys

Apex Law Group provides you with more value than “just” legal counsel. Our attorneys combine and use legal skills to help you solve real-world problems.

Community Focused

Apex Law Group believes that strong local businesses and organizations build strong communities. We are connected to our community and strive to work with likeminded clients.

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Silenced No More Act

Did Your Non-Disclosure Agreement Just Vanish?   A broad, new Washington state employment law just went into effect June 8, 2022, and for better or …

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Three Types of Dissolution

3 Types of Dissolution Dissolution of a corporation refers to the official closing of a corporate entity,  which can be a complex process. Below is …

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Commercial Tenants, Take Advantage of the Recession!

Commercial Tenants, Take Advantage of the Recession!   Overview The writing is on the wall! According to expert reports, the United States economy is headed …

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Multi-State Business Registration: Registering as Foreign Entity

Overview Once a business determines it is “doing business” in another state and would be required to register with that states regulatory authority, the next …

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Multi-State Business Registration: What is Doing Business?

Domestic v. Foreign A company, whether doing business as a corporation, LLC, partnership, or other statutory business entity, is a “domestic” company in the state …

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New Washington Nonprofit Corporations Act and Charitable Assets

Overview With the advent of the new year, the Washington Nonprofit Corporations Act (RCW 24.03A) is now in full force and effect. While much discussion …

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Washington Secretary of State, Physical Addresses, and Private Mailbox Address (PMB)

Overview Have you or your entity recently faced a rejection from the Washington Secretary of State (“SOS”) regarding the use of a private mailbox address …

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2022 Annual Report Requirements for Nonprofits under RCW 24A.03

Overview Each year in Washington, nonprofits formed in Washington or registered to do business in Washington must file an annual report with the Secretary of …

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Differences in OMWBE Certifications [Updated]

Overview Apex has blogged about the underutilized Washington Office of Minority and Women’s Business Enterprises (“OMWBE”) certification. The Secretary of State created the OMWBE Office …

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The Joint Venture Policy and The Parent-Subordinate Consistency Policy

Overview We will discuss the final policies in this series in a single blog post. These policies concern specific situations in which a nonprofit organization …

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When you work with Apex Law Group, you get a personalized experience with our team. You will never get drowned out by hundreds of other active cases because that’s not how we work. We keep a tight knit team and limit our active cases so we can give your business the attention it deserves. 

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Apex Law Group empowers nonprofit organizations with tailored legal tools to make an impact in their community. Our services empower our clients to remain both mission focused and legally compliant. Click here to learn more.

Nonprofits aren’t the only organizations that can be mission driven. Apex Law Group supports businesses pursuing their goals of profit without sacrificing purpose. Click here to learn more.

Apex Law Group is here to set up your business for success. When your business is formed correctly from day one, you can focus on the business and not the paperwork. Leave the paperwork to us and start focusing on building your company. Click here to learn more.
Apex Law Group creates legal documents specifically tailored to our client’s unique business deals. Too often, we find template documents forced on deals that don’t fit and wind up hurting the parties more than helping. Our clients want to protect, preserve, and honor the work and relationships they invest in. Apex ensures that your business deal guides the legal documents and not the other way around. Click here to learn more.

Apex Law Group provides intellectual property strategies that match your business’s needs. Businesses need guidance on where, when, and how to protect their intellectual property, in addition to the tools to protect such assets. Apex provides this guidance practically and tailored to fit your business needs and budget. Click here to learn more.

Legal bills can be daunting, but our flat fees make it easy for you to budget for the legal services you need. Apex Law Group offers a wide range of for-profit and nonprofit services as flat fees. Schedule a meeting with Apex to learn more.

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Apex Law Group has a comprehensive list of business services that allows us to serve you in every step of the business lifecycle, from beginning to end. Yet another reason to begin a relationship with us today and grow alongside us. 


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We offer a free consultation for you to get to know us. We provide useful information at the consultation so you can see if Apex fits your needs.


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Based on your needs, we develop the right legal team to fit your budget and achieve results.


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We work for you. That means we work with you to achieve your goals and in your business style.