2017 Quarterly Newsletter


Firm News

The last few months of 2017 have been a busy time at Apex! We are preparing to release our much-anticipated podcast series by our very own Peter and Alexander. We also have two new staff members: Alex Gorton and Hana Stodder. Alex is a rising 2nd year law student at Seattle University and is joining us as our new Law Clerk. Hana is our new Technical Intern and is also at Seattle University as an undergraduate senior.

Peter Smith

Peter has been working hard to close out the year with our clients. However, he still makes time to participate in the Seattle legal community as much as he can. A few weeks ago, Peter gave a presentation with Byron Dailey on Mission Driven Commercial Ventures at a CLE event in Seattle, which gave tips on how to make the decision to be a nonprofit or a mission based for-profit.



Alexander Theoharis

Alexander has been working on corporate legal issues in the blockchain and virtual reality space. He is enjoying the challenges associated with this emerging technology, and is pleased to report that Apex is now equipped to accept cryptocurrency as payment. If you’d like to make future payments in BTC, ETH, or LTC please let us know.



Judy Andrews

Judy has been continuing her excellent work in nonprofit corporation law. In addition to being an essential asset for our clients, Judy is an active member of her community. She gave a talk a few weeks ago at a Seattle CLE event on major revisions to an important act in nonprofit law.




Eric Camm

We want to congratulate Eric and his wife on the birth of their daughter, Liesel! He enjoyed his paternity leave with his family and we are glad to have him back.




Tara Lukjan

Tara has been busy as a new associate this year. She has been working with a number of nonprofits on obtaining their 501(c)3 tax-exempt status. Tara recently moved into a new house on Capital Hill, and she is thrilled to live in such an exciting new area.




Alex Gorton

Alex has been hard at work since she started here at Apex. Between helping us with valuable research and drafting, Alex has been planning fabulous events on Alternative Dispute Resolution at Seattle U, including a competition on client counseling. When she’s not too busy with law school and Apex, she enjoys spending time with her affectionate dog, Quinn.

Hana Stodder

Hana was incredibly excited to start working with Apex this past September. In addition to supporting the Apex attorneys, she loves finding fun things to share on Apex’s new Instagram, especially the delicious food from team lunches. While she has been busy submitting her law school applications, she’s also had time to enjoy the last bit of Seattle sun on the weekends.


The Apex Law Podcast

Apex is excited to announce the launch of their very own podcast this January! If you want to learn more about business law, check out Peter and Alexander’s first episode on Written Agreements, coming to SoundCloud and iTunes at the start of the New Year.





Client of the Quarter

Founded in 2010, Cinesaurus is a creative studio focusing on visual storytelling through video production, animation, and virtual reality. They are Apex’s Client of the Quarter because of the great videos they have recently produced! Check out this link to see some of Cinesaurus’s awesome productions (our favorite is the SpaceX Launch You Up).




From the Apex Blog

Trademark Policing: Your Trademark May Be at Risk

You’ve built your company and business around your name and logo. Your brand has a great reputation and you’ve decided to protect it by applying for a trademark. After investing financially in legal costs and a filing fee, you have received a valuable asset: your trademark registration.

Within trademark law, part of maintaining your trademark rights requires that you police against unauthorized use of confusingly similar marks and actively enforce your rights if infringement occurs.

So, if you do find that someone has infringed on your trademark, you can’t delay in asserting your rights or you may lose them! The most cost-efficient and cost-effective method of protection is early detection.

What’s the best way to achieve early detection? To read more follow this link to the blog post.