By Amy Riedel Many moons ago, long before I became Apex Law Group’s law student intern and now associate, I was a budding art historian with dreams of pursuing graduate degrees in the field. While that may seem far removed from the legal profession, it helped me develop research and writing skills. Skills that have served me not only through law school, but into my professional life today. But this is not my law school application (thank goodness), so let’s get to the good stuff: art law. What in fact is art law? I recently enrolled in a class......


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August 9, 2013

The Health of Hybrid Entities: How many benefit corporations and social purpose corporations are out there? A comparison and data analysis on the SPC’s relative success.

Last month, over at SocentLaw, I came across an interesting blog post by Haskell Murray explaining a collaborative attempt to quantify how many benefit corporations exist across the US. The...

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