Ever wonder how non-profits do their taxes? In today’s podcast, Peter shares his expertise in 501(c)(3) taxation to discuss when non-profits do and don’t have to pay taxes and how they can use that knowledge to their advantage. He briefly highlights the two things non-profits need to achieve tax-exempt status: 1) being organized for charitable purposes and 2) operating exclusively for those charitable purposes. Interpreting what “operating exclusively” means relies on a helpful acronym used in the tax-exempt world: “UBIT,” or unsubstantiated business income tax. UBIT requires non-profits to ask whether the things they are doing, such as selling......


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December 13, 2017

2017 Quarterly Newsletter

Firm News The last few months of 2017 have been a busy time at Apex! We are preparing to release our much-anticipated podcast series by our very own Peter and Alexander. We also have two new staff members: Alex...

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